Three important buttock muscle exercises for muscular, round buttocks

1. Horizontal hip bridge

The horizontal hip bridge is both a body weight exercise and an exercise to which extra weight can be added. In this exercise, try to make sure that the hamstrings help as little as possible when pushing the hips up.

Also focus on tightening the gluteal muscle during the exercise. This generally ensures better execution.

This exercise can also be aggravated. An example of this is to place a barbell over the hips and push it up (incl. Weight). You can make the exercise a little more effective for yourself by placing your shoulders on an elevation (eg a bench).

2. Back leg lift (bent leg)

The back leg lift is both a body weight exercise and an exercise to which extra weight can be added. Important for this exercise is that the leg is not fully extended.

Extra weight can also be added with this exercise. This can be done by means of an elastic, but also by attaching your foot with a band (layer) to an adjustable pulley. Since this is a single-legged exercise you will have to alternate the legs.

This exercise is less obvious than the first and is difficult to translate into a clear photo. Don’t worry, watch these videos on YouTube (search term: “are leg reverse hyper”) and you can get started!

3. Pull trough

The pull trough is a cable or elastic exercise. The intention is to push the weight (that is on the cable) between the legs forwards. It is very important that no sitting movement (squat) is made, but that the hip is lowered by pushing backwards. By pushing the hip back and forward, the buttocks are trained very well. Also make sure that the arms stay stretched continuously. So it is not pulled from the arms, but purely from the hip joint / buttocks.


The squat and lunge are good buttock muscle exercises. However, if you want to focus on the buttocks, there are better exercises. The three described exercises are very efficient for the large buttock muscle and can therefore be a good addition to the exercises that a woman does.

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