Today, more than half of the population is overweight. This is because we consume more calories per day than we burn one day. The reason for this is not so much the decrease in physical activities, but must be sought primarily with a higher intake of food. Why we started to eat more is mainly because we are rewarding ourselves more and more with tasty food.

The food industry challenges overeating

The food industry is doing everything it can to make food as tasty as possible. The combination of many fragrances and flavorings ensures that much of the processed food tastes very tasty and challenges you to eat more. It is therefore not surprising that you intend to take 1 hand of chips and that the whole bag is empty a few minutes later.


Reward yourself with a healthy body instead of unhealthy food

The challenging packaging, the impressive commercials and the interesting discounts on a larger purchase also lend a hand with that. Of course, people eat too much of this type of food. This food therefore feels like a reward / treat. Yet there must be the realization that nutrition is not meant for this. Nutrition serves to nourish the body, not to reward yourself.

Eat what your body needs

Food is meant to nourish the body. Every body needs certain nutritional values ​​to function properly. It is therefore important that food is eaten that the body needs. The food that we find ‘tasty’ almost always provokes overeating and is rarely nutritious for the body. A direct consequence is an increasing weight. Now this is okay if you accept that, but there are many people who would like to have a better figure. If that is the case, the first question you should ask is “am I eating this dish because I like it or because my body needs it?” .

Nutritious food can also be tasty

Nutritious food can be tasty, but is generally somewhat boring. This is in contrast to many processed foods. However, if you want to lose weight then you will understand that boring is not bad at all. This will not challenge overeating. The body is fed without the extra intake of all those extra empty calories. This will eventually result in you losing weight.

Watch out for the yo-yo effect. After losing weight, don’t reward yourself with a bag of fries, but do something nicer that will last a lot longer. Buy a nice clothing set a few sizes smaller!

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