About Febs Healthcare & our Dietitian

The Firm…

Febs Health Care can guide & advise you on these matters

Preventive nutritional advice during your pregnancy.
Breastfeeding advice and guidance if you:

  • baby is not growing enough;
  • baby is born prematurely;
  • expect a multiple birth;
  • want to combine bottle feeding with breast feeding;
  • baby cries a lot;
  • your baby has reflux;
  • baby has a disability or illness

Your Dietitian…

My name is Kara Singleton and I am a dietitian with extensive professional experience that is composed with ingredients from different fields (hospital, home care, scientific research).

Am registered in the Quality Register for Paramedics. I am happy to follow training courses to maintain and increase my knowledge and skills. I strive for cooperation with you and other healthcare professionals. I hope to contact you soon to discuss your nutritional question or dietary requirement.

Our Customers…

Singleton has helped me very well several times with questions about nutrition for my son (now nine months). Whether it is about breastfeeding or supplementary feeding, Singleton has always provided clarity with specific answers. He could also always respond in the short term, something you sometimes really need when you no longer know how to do something. With future questions I will definitely consult Singleton again! Thank you for your guidance (so far 🙂